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Booking an artist

How to book a DJ Identify the artist that’s suitable for your event and listen to the music on his DJ page. Please send us an email to inquire about the availability, price and other info. Once agreed on the conditions, we sent you a booking confirmation. Once we received your deposit, the booking is confirmed. What’s the price of booking a DJ? The price of a booking varies depending on which DJ you want to book, the duration, the travel distance, the number of visitors of your event and other factors. Please get in touch with us to discuss your inquiry so we can give you a personalized quote. What should I know before booking a DJ? Some DJs have special requirements for equipment or provision, some can only be booked in a duo (two DJs playing simultaneously), some only play for a minimum of 2 hours, etc… We will inform you beforehand of all requirements to guarantee full satisfaction of both sides.

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