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Jeremy Berdy

22th of July 1998 

Belgium, Luxembourgish



Minimal Techno, Hardtechno, Acidtechno

Back in 2014, BERDY got his first contact with electronic music and quickly realized that he wanted to get involved into the underground music movement of Luxembourg. In the following year, he started music production in a soft and melodic theme with a deep house atmosphere.

The young artist made his DJ debut in local clubs and soon developed a special taste for Hard Techno, putting more and more energy in every set and evolving his music identity while performing for BPM Generators. Eventually, BERDY got in contact with the SR-Records crew where he joined the project an got the opportunity to play his style, mixing Acid- Industrial- and Dark Techno into recognizable blend.

As the opportunity to create a label with true understanding of the scene appeared, BERDY was willing to be part of Omni Tech since day 1. BERDY is ready to deliver some unforgettable shows where he can express the diversity of his musical spectrum as he already did in Belgium (Apéro BC, Brussels | Vaga Festoch’ | Gembloux), Germany (Ex-Rakete, Trier) and Luxemburg (Melusina | Spot48 | Mpire | Bambush | Tipi Rave | Summer of Love Rave).


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