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Mario Barbelen




Luxembourgish, German, French & English

Psytrance (Nightpsy, Twilight) HiTech


My name is "Das Findelkind" which means as much as "the Foundling" and I was born in Luxembourg in February 1999. In 2014 I moved out to the big wide world and became acquainted with my present great love and meaning of life, namely psychedelic trance music.

In 2015 I also started DJing and started my career at Electric Resistance and was part of the "Halluzinaten im Walde"-crew in Aachen, shortly after that I formed together with Echolot our project Shivasuns under which we DJ and produce together, soon I became part of the Aachen cult label Ratatam Records and from ever since I started to play at parties in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Then at the beginning of 2019 came my first gig in Turkey and shortly afterwards the collaboration with the Luxembourg Psyfamily "Omni Vibes" followed, where,  from now on I enjoy being part of this little wonderful family. I am excited to experience many great events with them and to help each one grow and realize their full potential.

I usually play nightpsy and twilight between 148 and 160 bpm, but it's also possible to have one or two hitech sets from me to listen. 

So my dear ones I am looking forward to get to know you all and to swing the dancing leg together and to let my sounds chase through the boxes and hopefully give you a nice time with it.


Past Events :

Miracle Mountain Gathering

Antalya, Turkey



Aachen, Germany



Sardinia, Italy


Audiophile Festival

Cologne, Germany


Mai Spirit

Erkelenz, Germany