Omni Vision A.s.b.l. Luxembourg © 2019 by Omni Vision a.s.b.l.

Omni Vision is a music label with a remarkable difference to other record labels; we don't focus on a particular genre but we focus particularly on the whole nightlife experience.



Under the main-label Omni Vision, three sub-labels represent the variety of musical tastes of the 21st century's night owls. The way we enjoy music changed over time, people learned to like and enjoy numerous genres instead of fixing themselves on only one. So we decided to evolve and adapt to the needs of the crowd.

Omni Vision stands for more than just one music style; we chose to represent the three most common and beloved electronic music genres. To each, we dedicated one sub-label focussing only on their particular style.

Omni Tech exclusively plays Techno. 

Omni Bass regroups Drum and Bass, Neurofunk, Hardcore and their subgenres.

Omni Vibes puts the focus on Psytrance, Goa and also reggae music.


Omni Vision is a non-profit organization based in Luxembourg and hosts events in the capital city of Luxembourg but also puts the focus on the surroundings to offer the electronic music lovers of the Greater Region a possibility to attend an event close by.


We are officially registered in Luxembourg as Omni Vision A.s.b.l. and strive to have a positive effect on the nightlife culture and sustainability of electronic music events in the region.

To give the future generations the best possible environment to enjoy their lives and listen to lots of music, Omni Vision puts sustainability over profit and is dedicated to committing to the evolution of a healthy and striving nightlife scene in Luxembourg.