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Tuur Vekeman

4th of Octobre 1992




Psychedelic Trance, Goa 



The music and vibe that Mini Spacer brings is a combination of light and happiness. 
He tells you tales with uplifting melodies and acidic sounds.
Mini Spacer emerged from the Belgian underground and fell in love with goa trance in 2008.
Ever since he has been listening and dancing to the tracks of the trance floor.

In 2015 he got the pleasure to get an introduction into producing music and so the seed was planted.

2017 was the year that he made his first introduction to the world with his evolving creations.


Learning and growing the pure energy from the art of music has been giving him happiness and joy for more than he could ever dream of. 

The search for the universal soundscape to escape in,
to release all stress and give positive energy is making him complete.

‘Let me take you on a journey through space and time’ is more than just his slogan, it is what he’ll provide you the moment you enter the dance-floor.



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