Omni Tech is no regular techno label; “Omni” stands for “all”, multiple sub-genres of Techno are home in the biggest sub-label of Omni Vision. People and music evolve in numerous styles, merge, mingle & define themselves by unique characteristics, so how would it even come to your mind to stay with one style… forever?

Multiple sub-genres of Techno keep evolving during the century and Omni Tech merges the variety seamlessly in one label, supporting local & international artists across genres.
2 beats per second and up is what we love, about limits we don’t talk. Seeing the need for a greater musical experience, combining different sub-genres leads to a wider musical offer & takes listeners on a journey like no other label does.


Expect catching beats & great sounds from our rising artists. Their passion for Techno fills up underground bunkers & puts you on a test: betting that you can’t stay still once Omni Tech beats drift through the air. Enjoy your favorite repetitive instrumental music with 120+ BPM genres & be open to being carried along by the central rhythm of chilling Tech-House over to Minimal- & Melodic-Techno. After some soft tunes, be ready to take up the pace with more pumping beats of Industrial-, Hard- & Acid-Techno.


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