The sub-label Omni Vibes is dedicated to psychedelic & goa-trance as the main genres of music production, whilst also featuring on the turntables sub-genres such as : Progressive, Uplifting, Full-On, Forest, Dark, Twilight, Tribal, High-Tec and the new self-created sub-genres which are emerging through the experimentation of production methods and the crossing of different styles. 

The sounds and uplifting productions, beautiful melodies, vocals and strong bass lines are generated by a variety of artists with different backgrounds and histories. Our resident producers are spread around Europe.

Omni Vibes’ focus is to provide quality music from a passionate source. We understand the source as the body, mind and soul of the artist, from where the creative process originates, shaping the result into a finely tailored direction. 


The Vibes events aim to contribute to the self-development of human beings, through sharing a dancefloor with like-minded people, and dancing to rhythms that touch you deeply. In summer, prepare for some outdoor events in close touch with mother nature


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