Omni is very concerned about


"We live during a time when our impact on the planet, has become so destructive that, compared to other natural forces,

humanity has become a global geophysical force in itself. 

During our relatively short time on Earth, we have made a mark on our climate - our land, our air and our oceans. 

It’s a mark we continue making every day and which will be felt for generations to come."

Our organization is highly concerned about the sustainability and environmental impact of what we do and one of our main goals is to change the planet to the good instead of harming it with our activity.

We take all possible steps to raise awareness, reduce emissions & waste and to use sustainable materials on our events. Discover what we do to save our planet and what's most important: Why we do it.

Animal products

Each year, humans kill 56 billion animals ( Livestock accounts to 18% of all green house gas emissions, uses 1/3 of all fresh water on the planet, occupies 45% of the earth's total land, has destroyed 70% of the Amazon rainforest and is nowadays the biggest thread to biodiversity.

While 11% of the world population suffers from malnutrition, half of the world's grain is fed to animals destined to be slaughtered.


It's clear that the less meat we use, the bigger the envionmental benefits. Changing to a vegetarian diet reduces your green hous egas emissions already by 2/3.

On all our events, you' ll find only meatless food. With this measure, me want to reduce our carbon footprint and we want to show our guests there's no drawbacks with eating vegetarian or vegan.

Every brand needs to create awareness, so do we. Stickers are a great tool to mark your presence and should stick as long as possible: our Omni stickers are super strong sticking (no coming off = no pollution) and they are VEGAN! (Which doesn't necessarily mean you should eat them.) When there's an option to go for a product that doesn't involve animals, go for it, no matter how insignificant it seems!


Water & ocean pollution

Our tokens for beverages and food need to be durable and hygienic, which is why we chose plastic. Nevertheless did we choose any plastic; our tokens are made from recycled fishernets. Extra durable plastic fishing nets will have a second life and serve all party attendants as payment system.

Information for this part is taken from the documentary "The End of Meat". We highly recommend watching it. "Cowspirary" also gives astonishing inside in this industry.

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