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Edward Syraforest

5th of February 1994




Psytrance, Forest, Dark-Psy, Psychedelic

Rock & similar genres


After Edward, founder of Syraforest, started playing the electric guitar, he started to gain interest in all kinds of music and art forms. From the moment he could pass the age restrictions, he has constantly been exploring and attending rave parties.

The rave scene has become a second home, so it came as no surprise that he became a producer and DJ and started to organise events.

The music he creates is a mix of everything that has crossed his path in life. The connection with nature is always of great importance to him, so that will always be a unifying factor throughout his music.

He records sounds in nature, which he uses in his musical compositions. To bring people together is one of the great powers of music. He likes to use this power to create more understanding and appreciation between people, so that they can reach greater potential and be more harmonious in life.




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